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Custom Design

We produce state-of-the-art page effects and develop the website up to your expectation, to provide you a web interface with impressive visual effects.

Custom Design
Package by quotation
Premium design with fully customized graphics
Flash and other nice web page effects

Graphic Design

We have a team of talented designers focusing following services:
Website Logo Design
Enterprise Logo Design
Banner Design
Image Processing
Flash/ 3D animation
Should you have any queries on above services, please feel free to give us a call on 94173368.

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Website Programming

Not only PHP programming based on popular open source systems, but also we do custom PHP programming up to client's expectation.
We are experts in the king of open source systems WordPress. Our team knows every detail of WordPress and are offer following services:
System installation and configuration
Theme/template customization
Plug-in installation or development
and also any request to make your own working website.

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Desktop Software

Using .NET and C#, we are able to create desktop software for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Generate Traffic for Your Website On Internet!

Our technical staff begins by checking the current status of your Website to ensure that the optimization process will not be encumbered by any unforeseen problems of function. Then, using manual searches as well as custom research software, our SEO engineers will take the gathered data and create a list of the most highly trafficked and targeted words in your industry - and consult with you to choose the final keywords.

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Website localization

Make your site multi-language! Make your site friendly to local visitors!
If you are interested in exploring the potential market among the 100 million internet surfers in China, we would like to help you to design your Chinese website and would also like to assist you in promoting your website in Chinese Cyber world.
We also help Chinese businesses build English sites to get a fast start-up in the Cyber world outside China.
WEBay bridges your business and your potential customers in the boundless internet world.

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WebMaster/Web Maintenance

You have developed your own site but don't have the time, tools or expertise to manage it. Our experienced and professional support team can help by taking on the work quickly and cheaply:

  • Make sure website is fully operational
  • Update content
  • Do minor alteration on the system
  • Add or remove plug-in facilities, e.g. online form, forums, banners, etc.
  • Check for broken links
  • Submit to search engines
  • Do periodic clean-ups of your files and folders
  • Do random tests on forms and other interactive facilities in your site
  • Back up your files periodically

Payment Solutions

Get your web shop connected with the popular online payment gateway to make your customer purchase conveniently.

PayPal  Eway and Secure Pay